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2018 Book reviews # 3

She Means Business by Carrie Green reviewed by Shamsa Lea

Carrie Green is well known among female start-up circles for her Female Entrepreneur Association, an online platform that connects #bossladies around the world.

In She means Business, Carrie shares her steps to success, interwoven with her own personal story. I picked up this book as a budding entrepreneur with a vague business idea, totally overwhelmed about where to start. Carrie has ‘calls to action’ in each chapter- getting you to actually journal your own process as you read the book. The major difference between She Means Business and other self-coaching books is Carrie’s is raw honesty about her own mindset challenges as she launched her businesses. She will coach you through your vision, strategy and branding- as well as practical advice on using various platforms to engage your audience (think podcasts v facebook v webinars etc).

After reading this book (and journalling the process), I now have clarity on my vision, strategy and –most importantly– my WHY. This is a must-read for all new entrepreneurs, those who are about to start, or those who are frustrated by a lack of progress. You need to treat this book as a mini-project, and do the activities- otherwise it is just an inspiring story. Carrie encourages you to think big, and get excited about the value you bring to others through your business idea.

Reviewer Shamsa Lea said she borrowed Carrie Green’s book from another Chook for the website review, and settled in for a few hours of inspiration and juxtaposition with her concurrent read. "Amazing how far we have come as a society and as women...but still kicking ass in every generation!" Check out the tandem books below.

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