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Chook Wisdom

guest bloggers Vonita and Bonita

Dear Chooks,

I am here in the garden with my other Chook sisters, Bonita and Vonita and they have asked me to share a bit of their Chooksy wisdom for Hentpreneurs.

1. Early birds definitely catch the worms but you have to know where to find them.

2. When foraging for opportunity it is fabulous if you have someone by your side who shares the same quest.

3. Everyone has their own golden egg you just have to know how to lay it

4. If you forage only in one spot eventually there will be no worms left so it is important to diversify.

5. The compost pile often contains the most fertile ingredients.

6. Free ranging is so much better for the spirit than being contained within one box.

7. Companion planting in the garden ensures year-round abundance.

8. People often ask why we Chickens cross the road . The answer is simple. If there are too many potholes on the path we are walking, we find a new part of the road and begin Again.

9: Chooks that have a good laying routine know that it is important to have days where there is no egg laying, worm hunting, extreme foraging or late night braaacck brack braaghing ...It's the rest and reflect in the Nest Day that rejuvenate the Hen.

10. Some days you will lay the most amazing egg, the next day your egg might not come up to your expected standard. Don't worry! When you make your Ommmlette all eggs will be equal in their unique size and contribution.

Bonny and Vonny have disappeared to the other side of the shed, I think they maybe having an Eggecutive Meeting.

Carol Omer is a Certified Life Coach specialising in coaching for creativity and women’s empowerment. She is the creator of The Big Girls Little Coloring Book.

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