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Scaling up from South Australia by Wendy Perry

Getting to know fellow Chooks, their interests and ambitions in scaling up from our State. The conversation included people across the spectrum - from early stage startup, to those in accelerator programs, others in growth and expansion stages with established businesses. The common threads were: thinking bigger, seeing the options interstate and overseas, and making a commitment to make it easier for more people to scale nationally and internationally.

Within the group, there were immediate and longer term connections, potential partnerships, introductions and a depth of knowledge about products, specific categories and countries.

The point was made that examples and founder stories of scaling up are not publicly talked about. Getting into the detail of, ‘how did you actually do that?’ is perhaps skimmed over or discussed at a surface level. There is often that question asked about lessons learned after the fact, when what is needed is more of a step by step take us through your approach.

Belief in an idea, investing in an idea, and taking the step to go with a new product/service, focusing on those with an appetite for change an innovation, means that you can gain customers and market share even against much larger traditional companies.

What is important to know where people need your ‘things’ or ‘solutions’, which markets, countries and regions. This led to thinking about opportunities and solutions with ideas and recommendations for further validation including:

  • Making the most of inbound delegations to South Australia.  Alongside the official delegations hosted by the South Australian Government there are numerous delegations hosted by the private sector and educational institutions that can provide excellent introductions and networking opportunities.
  • Going on outbound missions or attending events and visiting current and potential markets also leveraging local networks and partners.For example, business councils for different countries, universities, government agencies, and personal connections.
  • Building networks including with investors locally, interstate and internationally, and advocating for each other.
  • Leveraging what else is out there, cross pollinating ideas and activities, not working in isolation as capacity is critical.
  • Finding similar business models and learning about different approaches with breadth and depth of knowledge.
  • Connecting with sister city friends, entrepreneurs, business owners and female founders.

What's next? Perhaps there is a way to identify which Chooks are in what networks, those hosting delegations, going on outbound missions, in startup, scale-up and accelerator programs who are/have scaled, and who have in depth knowledge of specific overseas markets or relationships to make it easier for others to scale.

Thank you to Jamie Nemorin from onyourblock, Paula Turbill from Frontier Health Australia, Jessica Perry from Career BluePrint, Noelle Smit from teamgage, and Louise Nobes from InspiredBUY for an insightful chat that will go places.

Links to past Chooks blog posts:

Op ed post with some ideas from around the world especially in relation to incubators.

Thank you guest blogger & conversation host Wendy Perry, Workforce BluePrint

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