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 Gratitude - Sandcastles, Smiles and Sun

Guest Blogger: Dr Sophia Harryba - The Impact Observer

What better spot to observe than on a beach, with my toddler building a sand castle? Sea, sand and sun.

As I lap up the beauty of the universe, I’m browsing the ChooksSA page and noticing another type of beauty.

I don’t know Moira’s original intent with this page, but it struck me that if I was in any sort of professional jam, this would be the place I’d come to seek guidance. One of the Chooks sought advice on NDIS because she was stuck and frustrated with the new system. Others posted about free workshops and webinars- where else would you go to access all this in one place? There are posts about signing NDAs, applying gender lens when choosing your super (who would’ve thunk?) and countless offerings of courses to upskill (btw, I have seen folks pay for others in the group to attend these courses- what a brilliant way to pay it forward!)

I have to admit- my morning routine is 5 minutes of gratitude, yoga, followed by Chooks SA browse. I find interesting and eye-opening articles about feminism, I’m introduced to awesome women starting their entrepreneurial journeys, some who just have an idea and don’t know how to proceed, others, like me, who want to share their knowledge and skills. Sometimes, I find myself getting angry at the cruelty and dismissive way women around the world are being treated. Other times- most times- Chooks SA is my daily motivation. Unbeknownst to Moira, this is another ‘home’- a place I come to when I am tired of defending who I am.

As a direct result of being involved with Chooks SA, I can now defend my sisters. When I hear folks say “men are just superior being”- yes, I heard this only last week!. I am able to respond with facts, I only have to go to the ChooksSA page for that. I now have the words to back up the anger.

The stories of failures, of stumbles, and of successes are inspiring. Today, with the sound of waves, this is the story that has me smiling:

Toddler demands my attention now- stay tuned to ChooksSA!

Impact Observer

AKA Sophia

Dr Sophia Harryba is a psychologist with a passion for measurement to help drive decision-making and helping ideas to count. She volunteers her time and talents with Chooks SA including being our resident impact observer.

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