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Impact Observer Guest Blog Post

So I’m having my first WARM cup of tea of the night- with a toddler, I’ve learned that warm tea is never an option- at 9pm on Tuesday 11th June. My phone pings- an email.

This is what it says:

I spilled my tea.

You don’t understand- I never ‘win’ anything and I was not expecting to be chosen. Since coming to Australia, I’ve had to fight for space, for voice, and to be seen. Yes, I have done the work, Yes I have the quals and the experience but from being on Chooks SA for this long, I have also seen women being more, doing more. So when our ‘data clutch’ was chosen, just between you and me, I did a dance and had a cry.

This is what I meant when I wrote about observing the big and small wins in the fight for gender equality by following the women in Chooks SA. I have been thinking and talking about this for years and faced so many barriers to get started that I had given up on the dream.

I am, as are my four other sisters in the clutch, grateful for but terrified of this journey.

Had I not been a part of Chooks SA, not stepped out of my comfort zone and leaned in to what some of these amazing women were doing, I would have merely watched on the sidelines and wished I was in.

We are trailblazers!

Signing out as observer- I am now do-er



PS Check this out- women investing in women to change the world.

Yep! The future of the world is female

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