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South Australian Sisterhood

Guest Blogger: Lindsay Nightingale

Since arriving in Adelaide three years ago, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of quite astounding women.

There was the business owner who shared valuable advice when I first began to set up my own business, the cabaret artist who befriended me at an event, made me cry with laughter and subsequently introduced me to yet another amazing woman…one who has since become a great friend.

There have been bakers, artists, cleaners and doctors; dog walkers and designers, neighbours and friends of friends….in short, all sorts of women who seemingly wander into my life, without fanfare or formal introduction. Offering advice, words of encouragement, a helpful connection, a smile or a laugh…they’re just always there!

It’s happened so often that I sometimes wonder whether there’s something in the water. What is it about this place that makes it such a harbor of sisterhood?

I never even considered this as being a possible benefit when I first thought about moving here from England.

Back then, my concerns were tied up the routine issues affecting most people who emigrate. Things like schools, would we find one we liked? Housing, where would we live? And more worryingly, whether or not I would I cope with the climate!

We made the move and almost immediately I began to benefit from the support of the wonderfully forthright, talented, outspoken and funny women who populate this magical place.

There seems to be a marked tradition of arms-wide-open support here which I’ve never encountered before.

The way in which the women here communicate and the way in which they openly rally together is to me, quite remarkable. There’s a tradition of cheering one another on that I’ve really loved seeing and being part of.

It’s taught me a lot this place, so I’m celebrating all I’ve learned here in South Australia, to share with Chookws, which is of course a perfect example of women looking after one another in the best ways possible.

1: Giving bears success. Women here have taught me that everyone has something to offer and within the offering lies power. It doesn’t matter how seemingly insignificant the contribution; we can all help one another in some way and in helping one another, the effect snowballs and we become far more powerful than we might otherwise be.

2: We’re living in exciting times. There’s a tangible sense of growth here for women. Real growth in which you can actually participate. From this communal growth, I’ve learned to think about what I can offer to other women and in doing so, I’ve started on more new adventures in a short space of time than I had for many years previously.

3: Have no fear. Here in South Australia I’ve found that the women I’ve encountered through business as well as socially, have all been remarkably keen to offer help in some way and there’s no reticence. Recommendations, opinions, business advice, introductions, cake! They’re all on offer and there’s no fear in the presentation. It’s this lack of reserve which I think is so affecting.

So in short, I feel incredibly fortunate to have accidentally landed in a place of such forward-thinking and supportive women. It’s more than I imagined it would be and more than I could have hoped for.

Learn more about Lindsay and her business Adelaide Copy which is a boutique business providing copy and content to some of the most innovative businesses and emerging companies in Australia and worldwide.

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