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Systems Changemaking from the Ground Up

A recent tweet from Indy Johar eloquently explains amplification through engagement, system accounting, shared governance and accountability. Chooks is working at all levels to build a movement. Like traditional feminism,the movement's foundations are in coming to an awareness of exclusion, learning how to document, challenge and embrace opportunities to influence the systems you are a part of, how you collude, enable and disable their effectiveness in your own success.


The Female Founders conversations are a source of tales of discrimination, calling out inequalities experienced, triumphs and clever configurations in personal and professional lives to get the best out of situations. Many of these tales are very personal - juggling three children under four years old, feeling the love of donors and contributors through crowdfunding, standing up to bullies in decision-making bodies, receiving referrals as compliments. In a little cafe, as well as in the council chamber, board room and investment tent, the stories shared are validated.

By recognising the common themes, information and ideas are transferred and transported across industries.


This week's Female Founders conversation connected themes with passions for food, hospitality, housing, the arts, writing, administration and human rights. The potential to coordinate efforts and align across industries, skill sets and networks became obvious and visible. Before too long, possibilities for some co-creation and collaboration emerged between a few people around the table, not as each others customers, but about making something together, a shared mission. The multiplier effect comes into play in the realisation we are all responsible, all able and all willing, to sign up to the vision of movement for gender equity. This is the (r)evolutionary work of Chooks.


At Chooks we begin by listening to the experience of women in start ups and social enterprises. The movement will always be grounded in lived experience. The data can only tell us so much. Practice based evidence for decision-making, is just as important as data based evidence. Movement building brings allies, the public, and people in positions of power to address systemic problems and promote alternative visions or solutions.


Together and only together will the systems shift to meet the needs and come up with new solutions that are interdependent, collaborative, engaging, mulitplying the effect of everyone's efforts and sustaining the changemakers.

The work of the North Camden Zone is an early childhood collective impact initiative in the UK. Its practice and learnings resonate with Chooks.
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