• Put an end to all male panels

    diversity drives innovation and economic growth

    Finding women

    Open your eyes, ask around

    There are women everywhere who are contributing to industry and economic development and yet it seems only the usual suspects get asked time and time again. There are lots of ways to increase the reach of your event by including people from outside your industry as well as noticing the ones right under your nose! Here are a few tips to get you started.

    Still lost?

    Help is at hand

    If you are still not sure who to ask, or feeling embarrassed about reaching out to someone you might not know - Chooks can help! We can do a shout out through our networks, have a conversation to help you think through who could be approached, even generate a potential list or do an introduction. Don't make it an excuse that you don't know anyone - because Moira will.

    Got it covered

    ... and want to do more

    If you already a champion of gender equity thank you! Let us know and we will share your event. If you want to do more consider sponsoring and supporting Chooks events through ticket sales, referrals and turning up.

    If you see an all male panel

    let us know so we can help fix it

    Sometimes responding quietly behind the scenes with some friendly advice isn't something you can do. Perhaps it is a client or a relationship you are fostering and you can't directly comment on the programming - just let Moira know. Chooks won't shame, we will draw attention to the problem and explain why, offer discrete advice and only resort to guerilla chook tactics if necessary. The results so far have been great - changed images on websites, invites to conference speakers, increased diversity on judging panels.

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