• Female Founders Host Guide

    Thanks for volunteering to being a female founder host and chooks leader.

    We've created a mini guide to help you out along the way.


    The Chooks Female Founder Series brings together like-minded local women to share stories and find new connections in an intimate setting.


    Starting your own business takes courage, belief in yourself, fearlessness, and a desire to make an impact.


    Although, it is no easy task. The road to success can be rocky, as well as filled with rewards.


    We dreamt up Chooks Female Founders Get Togethers because we nothing makes us feel less alone in the daily grind that listening to other women tell their stories in good company over a meal.


    Below are a few notes / tips to help make your event a success.

  • What to expect

    Registration will close 2 days before the dinner and you will be emailed a full list of the attendees, their company name and website. Spend a little time checking out who will be coming to the dinner the company they have founded or the enterprises they support. Each event will have at least 5 founders around the table.

    Foster a conversation

    There are some topics we find particularly useful to foster the conversation.


    - What is your origin story?

    - How did you decide to start a business and what were your first steps?

    - What are some of the biggest challenges founding a business?

    - What are your top lessons learned?

    - What do you think Chooks could do to improve gender equity for Female Founders and their supporters?


    We're also looking for you to report back on these issues.

    Take photos!

    Please don't forget to take photos.

    Photos help us promote future events and inspire a little FOMO (fear of missing out) to insure their appeal.


    Types of photos that work really well:

    - Photos of groups of people interacting or pausing to smile for the camera

    - Photos of the food

    - Photos inside the venue


    Using your smartphone will do the trick. Send photos through to: chooks@moiradeslandesconsulting.com

    Ask who would like to host a future female founders get together?

    Our aim is to have at least one hosted dinner every month throughout the year. You can be in the city or in the regions - female founders are everywhere. You can host a dinner, lunch, brunch or breakfast. It's up to you. Each event will have no more than a dozen people.


    Please reach out to your guests on the night and ask if anyone would be interested in hosting a dinner and pass on any names to Chooks to help organise and promote.


    This is the Chooks launch playlist if you want to get in the mood while you are planning your event.

  • Send in your feedback

    Please let us know how the night went.

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